Our team

TKM, a team of 25 consultants,doctors or multidisciplinary engineers at your side to drive your innovation projects.

TKM is above all an experienced team with strong added-value, thanks to a dual background in science and marketing. Upon their arrival at TKM and each year, employees also receive extensive training in Industrial Property, data mining, technology watch, strategic monitoring and economic intelligence.

Throughout the years, TKM has been building an extensive network of experts and partners with different skills in areas such as: Medical, Biotechnology, Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Optics & Electronics, Embedded Systems, Clean Technology, Sports & Recreation.

Our methodology provides you a specific follow-up and a constant interaction with the TKM team, which guarantees a relevant and pragmatic work.
Our commitment is also to listen and to comprehend your needs. To really apprehend the distinctive character of your technology and services is essential to understand its added-value, and for you to stand out and ensure your competitiveness in the right markets.
TKM provides you with its expertise, its software solutions and its network of experts in innovation.

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