Our history

TKM was born from the expansion of a laboratory from INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research) and the University of Grenoble, specialized in Data Mining applied to scientific and technological literature.
Started by four researchers (M.A. De Looze, S.V.Ramani, P.P.Saviotti et R.Coronini), this project was initiated within the incubator of Grenoble (Grain) and led to the creation of TKM, in 2004. The founders and leaders of TKM: :

- Christophe Lecante, Graduated from Pantheon Sorbonne (Econometrics) and Sup de Co Reims. Christophe started his career in North America, working for 5 years at different positions in the field of Technology Watch and Strategic Marketing. Back in France, he became BU manager on behalf of an international service group. Starting in 1997, he worked as a General Manager of various aeronautical and airport-related service structures including more than 300 employees. In 2011, in Toulouse, with Olivier Sadran, Christophe created his first company, which he sold successfully three years later. Through these experiences, he has developed a pragmatic expertise of Company Management, Strategic Elaboration, as well as applied Economic Intelligence.

- Jean Lecante – Retired – Director of a Solid State Physics laboratory at CEA Saclay and of the Laboratory for Utilization of Electromagnetic Radiation(LURE) in Orsay, ancestor of the Synchrotron Soleil (Jean also participated in its development in the 90's).

- Julien Lopez Rios – Doctor in Electronic Instrumentation - Graduated from School of Physics and Chemistry of Paris and founder of Ciprian, an innovative start-up based in Grenoble.

- Paul David – Entrepreneur and investor from Grenoble, and CEO of Isermat.

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