Initial observation

TKM was born from a simple observation: most of the strategic decisions related to innovation are based on purely qualitative studies, elaborated from interviews with experts, but with no control over the information.

Yet one of the characteristics of the innovation process is that this information is available. Many sources of information exist, among which, of course, patents and scientific articles but also the technical press, collaborative projects, the web...
This may sometimes lead to costly strategic errors...
A competitor or a technological substitution not detected in time?
An unidentified blocking patent?
An alternative technology less expensive, easier to implement?
And, as a result, an incomplete market study, using known elements, that does not bring any new nor useful information for a decision process.

For these reasons, thanks to its expertise and owned tools, TKM routinely performs a collection and a deep analysis of the available information, and delivers a road-map of the project to you, before leading interviews or focus groups that will result in the strategic recommendations.

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