Specific engagement, service contract or technical assistance?
TKM guides you :

Applications Search : TKM identifies all application markets for your technology and targets industry partners relevant to your success.

Market research : TKM positions your project in relation to market needs, interviews your prospective customers, identifies your competitors, defines the strategic segmentation and offers you an operational action plan.

Strategic Monitoring : TKM monitors your markets, your competitors, new products or patents, and offers its IP Metrix™ tools for monitoring and analysis.

State of the Art : TKM describes the environment of your themes (actors, collaborations, trends…), helps you make the right decisions regarding your positioning and guides you through the definition of your roadmaps.

Industrial property strategy : TKM optimizes and enhances your patents, checks your freedom to operate and advises you on your new patents, in order to protect and enhance your assets.

Cartography and benchmarking : TKM maps the patents, the actors, their contacts networks and skills in order to identify partners, members, customers, or to characterize the innovation potential of a sector, of a territory.

Innovation Strategy